Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating 6m x 2.5m Above or In Ground Prem

Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating 6m x 2.5m Above or In Ground Prem

Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating 6m x 2.5m Above or In Ground Prem

Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating 6m x 2.5m Above or In Ground Premium Pool'n Box Swimming Pool. Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating - Pool'n Box Wooden pool 6m x 2.5m with Mini Salt 30 + a Heat Pump all included - For In-ground or Above Ground Use. Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating Description.

We have put together the Salt Water Wooden Pool package as we are regularly asked for an all in one price for a salt water pool with with heating. Pool'n Box wooden pool is an elegant, high quality pool designed to stand the test of time. The best proof of this is the 10 year guarantee on the structure of the Wooden Pool.

Pool'n Box is cleverly designed with a storage box tucked under the coping. Pool robot, balls, swimming aids and all water toys can be cleared away in the blink of an eye to leave the pool area beautifully tidy. Even better, Pool'n Box is very attractively priced. The MINISALT Chlorine generator is a salt-chlorine generator which generates chlorine from salt added to your pool.

It uses electrolysis to generate chlorine from salt which is added to the pool water. Salt is added to the pool water and the MINISALT then passes electricity through the electrolysis cell to split the salt (salt is sodium chloride) ions to generate chlorine. The chlorine is then used in the pool in the normal way to sanitise the pool water. From lightly salted water 5 kg/m3 (7 times less than sea water), MINISALT® manages the disinfection of your swimming pool water.

Popular on the renovation market, MINISALT® is particularly advised for small pools up to 70 m3. Economical, this saltwater chlorinator range has been developed for small budgets. The SunSpring Swimming 8kw Pool Heat Pump is Designed for Above Ground Pools - Plug and Play! They are quick to setup and remove in the winter.

Comes complete with 3.5m cable and UK 13A plug/RCD and also flexible hose connections so you can be up and running to heat your pool in no time! (please note this heat pump is for use from May- Sep only if you live in the South of England - if you live in colder areas or if you want to use the pool Apr-Oct or all year then you will have to request an upgraded Heat Pump). Size of the Pool included with the Salt Water Wooden Pool Package. Outer dimensions (cm) 610 x 237.

Water surface dimensions (cm) 500 x 200. Height, coping included (cm) 133. Water volume (m³) 12.2.

Water surface area (m²) 9.99. Features of the Salt Water Wooden Pool Package. Pool'n Box has a very small footprint so it fits easily into tight spaces. Pool'n Box is fitted with a sand filter, and the sand is supplied (25kg). No need for plant housing as the sand filter fits easily into the integrated box leaving plenty of space for storage.

The structure is made of solid Northern Pine, the industry standard, this guarantees a long service life and sound investment. This pool can be used above ground, semi submerged (as shown above) or fully submerged. (please note you will need the membrane roll if you are submerging). 28mm thick and 195mm wide. Approx build time: 2 people x 4 days to install (excluding excavation and base build).

Equipment Included with the Salt Water Wooden Pool Package. In-pool stainless steel ladder (internal 3 treads). Wooden access ladder (external 4 treads). 1 Skimmer and 2 return fitting.

0.75mm Liner in light grey. Underlay (ground sheet on the base only). 4 Galvinised steel supporting braces + 6 Wooden Upright supporting braces. The structure is made of class IV treated Northern pine with a wood thickness 45mm. P-FI Pump & Sand filter including the filter sand 25kg (Flow rate of 4m3/h).

Filtration Included with this package -P-FI Pump & Sand filter including the filter sand 25kg (Flow rate of 4m3/h). Flow rate at the return fitting 4 m³/h (clean filter). Sand filter P-FI, Ø 400, anti-UV treated. Powerful filtration pump; 0.33kW. Liner Included with this package 0.75mm Liner in light grey. Comes beaded to fit into side mount liner lock. Mini Salt 30 : The MINISALT 30 Chlorine generator is a salt-chlorine generator which generates chlorine. From lightly salted water 5 kg/m3 (7 times less than sea water), MINISALT® 30 manages the disinfection of your swimming pool water.

Popular on the renovation market, MINISALT® 30 is particularly advised for small pools up to 30 m3. Sunspring 8kw Heat Pump : The SunSpring Swimming Pool Heat Pumps are Designed for to heat the water in Above Ground Pools - Plug and Play!

We can also supply these with an EU 2-pin plug/RCD if required. Optional Extras Available with the Salt Water Wooden Pool Package.

280 Micron Solar Bubble Cover - is needed if running a pool with heating. Better quality covers are available please request a quote for the 400 or 500 Micron covers. Winter Debris Mesh or Tarpaulin Covers made to order for all Wooden Pool's.

As these covers are a special order item and are made to order they are non-returnable. Please note some of the tarp covers need the ladders removing before installation and closing the pool down for the winter. You have two choices in this range of under water LED lights.

18 LED White or 36 LED multicoloured (Red, Green and Blue). For hanging on the inlet nozzle and thus quickly installed and retro-fittable.

(Including remote control with the coloured lights only). Programs: 7 set colours and 3 automatic programmes (with the coloured unit only). The last used program memory and Reset function (with the coloured unit only). Power on/off: on/off + radio remote control provided (with the coloured unit only).

Remote Control: Yes (with the coloured unit only). Degree of protection: IP68 (1 m). Wood Protection Membrane (goes between the soil and the wood of the pool if it is going in ground or partially in ground).

Heat pump Winter Cover - Made to size. Pool Cleaners (Robotic or Suction Cleaners). Vac Head & 1.5? Heavy Duty Leaf Net & Brush. Eco Telescopic Pole 2.6m to 4.6m.

Relax Above Ground Splasher Chemical Starter Kit. PH / Chlorine Test Strips. Guide to Above Ground Pool Care. Badu Jet Outboard Counter Swim Units.

SwimMaster Through the wall Counter Current. Heating the Salt Water Wooden Pool.

If you are looking to heat your pool, you have the choice of two options. This pool has 14m3 of water so these heating options will be ideal. You will achieve 1 Kw of heat output into the water for every 1 Kw of power used from your supply. So works out a lot more expensive to run than the Heat pump option.

4.5Kw Electric Pool Heater. (Must be kept Indoors or in Plant Housing). 2/ If you are looking to use a Heat Pump to keep the running cost down then you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim. Extended Season (Apr - Oct). Once you have decided this you can than look to see which heat pump is the best one for you.

Now this will vary depending on the pool's location in the country as the outside air temperature is drastically different in Scotland from Cornwall's air temperatures (taking into account the worst temperatures at night and the coldest parts of the period you choose). We can help size the correct unit for you to ensure you achieve the desired water temperature (normal temp for this pool is 28 degrees, and it should not be heated over 30 degrees as this reduces the life span of the liner). As a rough guide for this pool we have added some options at the top of this listing for you, but here is a explanation to the season to expect from each. Please bear in mind that you can never over size a heat pump but the results of under sizing it will mean you will not have the water temperature you require for the period you want. In addition to this, if you are further up North please increase the size of your heat pump to compensate for the colder outside air temperatures. Summer use options (May - Sep).

SunSpring 8kw - Included with this package. Extended Season options (Apr - Oct). Thermotec Inverter with WiFi 12kw. Thermotec Eco Fun 11.5kw. Thermotec Inverter with WiFi 17kw.

We have added the other heat pumps at the top of this listing if you want to upgrade the heat pump to another model. Installation and Assembly of the Salt Water Wooden Pool Package. The pool can be assembled by most competent DIY installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man to assemble the pool. A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections. A flat, level concrete slab should be laid to take the weight of the pool and to avoid it moving or sinking once filled with water. Underlay (Ground Sheet on the base only) is supplied with the pool which is laid under the liner to help protect it from damage. Please see the user manual for details of how to install the pool. Please ensure that you have sufficient time, labour, tools and the skill required to assemble the pool before purchasing. These pools are made to order and will be delivered directly to the address of your choice (kerbside). You will have 2 options. The wooden pool will be delivered in several large wooden pallets on a high sided lorry which you will need to unload by hand or a forklift if you have one (Please advise if this is the case if not you will need plenty of help to unload the good - 4 to 5 people).

You can choose to have the pool delivered on a Hiab lorry which will allow the driver to use a crane to lift the pallets on to your property/driveway. Once you have received the goods, please check them off against the. Instruction manual that you receive with the pool. To make sure you have everything you need. (English versions of this document is available on our website should you need it).

As per our terms and conditions. 10 years on the structure, pool fittings. 5 years on the filter tank. Wood is a living material; changes in humidity and temperature will cause the wood to work and could lead.

This is a natural phenomenon that in no way impacts the service life of our products. The autoclave treatment undergone by the wooden elements of this pool complies with the standards. Circumstances should any product be applied to the wood for example: wood stain, paint, oil, micro porous. Inevitably, the wood will become dirty over time.

You may clean the wood once a year using a high pressure. Jet to remove dirt from the pores in the wood. Adjust the water pressure carefully to avoid damaging the. And wooden access steps and remove any splinters that may have appeared. The Pool'n BOX structure is a free standing structure.

However, a slight deformation of the walls between. The supporting braces may be observed, caused by the natural elasticity of wood.

The pool is delivered as a kit and is not designed to be dismantled. Water Treatment and maintaining water quality. Once the pool is filled, the water quality will naturally begin to degrade due to pollutants carried in by.

Bathers bodily secretions, but also twigs, grass, earth, sand, etc. Stuck to their feet and their skin, as well. As pollutants carried by the wind (leaves, petals, pollen), and insects. The water will therefore need to be replaced periodically. The frequency of replacement will depend on the.

Water temperature, the bather load, the length of the daily filtration window and the use of pool chemicals. Filtration slows the natural degradation of water by trapping tiny particles from a few millimeters across to. A few tens of microns. The length of the daily filtration window necessary will mainly depend on the level of pollution carried into. The water and the water temperature.

For information purposes, while the pool is in daily use, the minimum. Filtration times recommended are as follows. Recommendations will vary depending on the pool water temperature.

Water temperature of 23° and above C. Please see the installation manual to follow the complete process.

Correct use of your pool requires optimal water treatment. Clean the cartridge regularly refer to the. Cleaning protocol described in the filtration manual and make sure that the daily filtration window is long. Please see the attached installation manual for further information (as per section 11).

The pool must not be left empty over the winter period (or for any prolonged period of time). Liquid mass plays a dual role, it provides thermal insulation and acts as ballast, holding the liner in place. Add an algaecide winterizing product if necessary and stop the pump.

Lower the water level by 30 cm. Unscrew the ball-union-trim assembly and remove it, replace it with a plug. Insert a plug in the bottom. Of the skimmer (plugs are supplied).

Drain the pump by unscrewing the front face (suction connected to the skimmer). Unplug the pump and store it in a dry place, protected against freezing.

In areas susceptible to freezing, screw a winterizing plug (gizmo) into the bottom of the skimmer to absorb. The expansion of ice and protect the skimmer. Remove any water treatment products from the skimmer.

Keep the cover closed while the pool is winterized (rolled out over the pool). Winterising is not mandatory, especially if the weather is mild with temperatures that remain above.

Other Models Available in this range. Pool'n box Manual 6m x 2.5m - 2018.

Pool'n box Manual 6m x 2.5m - 2021. Pool'n box Manual 6m x 2.5m - 2022. Questions about the Salt Water Wooden Pool? For more information, also see our FAQs page. Customer Photos and Feedback of the Salt Water Wooden Pool.

(excludes Scotland and some UK postcodes). Please message us for a quotation to deliver to other countries. HeatPumps4Pools are the leading UK based specialist supplier of heat pumps and related pool products. Operating from Basildon in Essex in the UK, we are the leading specialist supplier of swimming pool heat pumps to the UK and Europe.

We have a wide range of the best swimming pool heat pumps to suit any pool size and type. We are always happy to offer free friendly advice on the best heating solution for your pool.

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Salt Water Wooden Pool Package with Heating 6m x 2.5m Above or In Ground Prem