Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with Built In Safety Cover Above Ground Swimmi

Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with Built In Safety Cover Above Ground Swimmi

Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with Built In Safety Cover Above Ground Swimmi
Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with Built In Safety Cover - Above Ground Swimming Pool. Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with built in safety cover. The Pistoche Wooden Pool offers a much more solid structure and also looks much more attractive than a metal framed above ground pool.

The Pistoche is a 2m x 2m wooden above ground pool supplied complete with a built in safety cover and filtration system. Note: The Pistoche copings are now white aluminum for extended life. Outer dimensions (cm) 226 x 226. Water surface dimensions (cm) 200 x 200 x 64.

Water volume (m³) 2.56. Water surface area (m²) 4.

2m x 2m wooden above ground pool. Made of Northern Red Pine (Class III and IV). Complete with built in safety cover - Discrete and easy to use, the cover secures the pool while it is not in use.

In addition to securing the pool, the cover protects the pool against evaporation and night time cooling. It also prevents pollen, dust and leaves from falling into the pool. The water stays clean, always ready for your little swimmers.

Comes with internal water filter adjustable from 40cm to 60cm. Includes 0.50mm pool liner in Dark Blue. Adjustable internal cartridge filter - between 40 and 60cm. 0.50mm Liner in dark blue. Underlay (ground sheet on the base only). Lockable, light grey lacquered Aluminium coping.

Planks of solid, class III and IV treated Northern Pine. Thickness in mm, tolerance + or - 1mm.

Approx build time: 2 people x 6 hours. Filtration Included with this package Adjustable from 40cm x 60cm. Liner Included with this package 0.50mm Liner in dark blue. Comes beaded to fit into side mount liner lock. If you want to add a extra layer of extra insulation and heat loss prevention - please ask for a request a quote for the 400 or 500 Micron covers, which sits on top of the water and helps stop evaporation when the pool is not being used. Winter Debris Cover - for winter protection. Reversible Winter Debris Cover (PE 200g/m2) with 8 eyelets around the periphery. You have two choices in this range of under water LED lights.

18 LED White or 36 LED multicoloured (Red, Green and Blue). For hanging on the inlet nozzle and thus quickly installed and retro-fittable. (Including remote control with the coloured lights only).

Programs: 7 set colours and 3 automatic programmes (with the coloured unit only). The last used program memory and Reset function (with the coloured unit only). Power on/off: on/off + radio remote control provided (with the coloured unit only). Remote Control: Yes (with the coloured unit only). Degree of protection: IP68 (1 m). Pool Cleaners (Robotic or Suction Cleaners). Additional Hose and connections You may need some additional hose or some pipe fittings depending on the items you choose. The Pistoche comes with an internal water filter but does not include a water heater.

We can supply fittings to go through the wall of the Pistoche to allow you to connect flexible hoses. The hoses can then be connected to an external pump/filter set and to a pool heat pump (eg Hot Splash) or an electric heater. Please see the chart below. Please check with us if you are unsure as we can advise you which options are available. Heating your pool, you have the choice of two options.

This pool has 3 m3 of water so if you are looking to heat it you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim. Extended Season (Apr - Oct). Once you have decided this you can than look to see which heat pump is the best one for you. Now this will vary depending on the pool's location in the country as the outside air temperature is drastically different in Scotland from Cornwall's air temperatures (taking into account the worst temperatures at night and the coldest parts of the period you choose). We can help size the correct unit for you to ensure you achieve the desired water temperature (normal temp for this pool is 28 degrees, and it should not be heated over 30 degrees as this reduces the life span of the liner).

As a rough guide for this pool we have added some options at the top of this listing for you, but here is a explanation to the season to expect from each. Please bear in mind that you can never over size a heat pump but the results of under sizing it will mean you will not have the water temperature you require for the period you want. In addition to this, if you are further up North please increase the size of your heat pump to compensate for the colder outside air temperatures. Recommended Heat pumps and compatible Pump/Filters for this Pool. Hot Splash 3.5kw Heat Pump.

Summer Use (May - Sep). Intex Cartridge Pool Pump / Filter for 15' Pools (2.8m3/hr). Thermotec Penguin 4kw Heat Pump.

Krystal Clear Pump and Sand Filter - Model 1 - 4m3/hr. Intex Cartridge Pool Pump / Filter for 18' Pools (4.4 m3/hr). Krystal Clear Pump and Sand Filter - Model 1 - 10? Filter - 0.25hp pump 4m3/hr. Thermotec Penguin Reversible 5kw Heat Pump.

Extended Season Use (Apr - Oct). Thermotec Eco Fun 5kw Heat Pump. Thermotec Inverter with WiFi 9kw Heat Pump.

Krystal Clear Pump and Sand Filter - Models 1 - 4. Please note you can use a larger flow rate pump filter but you can not use a pump filter with a smaller flow rate. These items are also available on the options at the top of this listing.

The pool can be assembled by most competent DIY installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man to assemble the pool. A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections. A flat, level concrete slab should be laid to take the weight of the pool and to avoid it moving or sinking once filled with water, however this pool (due to the size and weight) can be laid on flat, level grass which has been cleared of all stones and sharp objects which could damage the liner. Underlay (Ground Sheet on the base only) is supplied with the pool which is laid under the liner to help protect it from damage. Please see the user manual for details of how to install the pool. Please ensure that you have sufficient time, labour, tools and the skill required to assemble the pool before purchasing. BUILT IN 6 HOURS: Putting a Pistoche pool together is child's play! In six hours, with just two people on the job, the pool is built and ready for use. A precise assembly diagram and detailed instruction booklet are included with Pistoche.

Deliveries of these pools is free to a lot of mainland England. The wooden pool will be delivered in several large wooden pallets on a high sided lorry.

When the lorry arrives at your property, you will need to unload each piece of wood from the pallets by hand and stack them in your garden ready for assembly. Having additional help to unload the wood when the pool is essential to reduce the unloading time. Please inform us in advance if your property has restricted access for large vehicles.

2 years on the structure and liner. 1 years on the filter. Inspect the accessible surfaces of the wooden slats. To preserve the wood's initial colour, simply apply. A colourless stain at regular intervals. Alternatively use a colour stain, or colourless oil to. Nourish the wood and slow discolouration. Before applying the treatment, make sure that it is.

Micro-porous and will allow the wood to breathe. Do not apply the product on areas in contact with the. Liner, it could migrate through the liner and stain it.

Also, for the same reason, take care not to apply too. Much product at the slat joins. Being a natural, living material, wood will have some imperfections. Are normal and have no impact on the service life of the product. Number are superficial and are not covered within the scope of the guarantee. Rotting, attack by insects other than termites, subject. To the condition that the instruction manual sets out in sections.

3, 4 and 5 were followed. This guarantee does not cover natural deformations.

Splitting, cracking that does that impact the. Mechanical strength of the wood or colour changes. The following defects associated with incorrect. Assembly or storage are notably excluded: wall slat.

Deformations exposure to the sun, assembly deferred. After opening the package, deformation or breaking. Of the slats due to assembly in any manner other than.

That described in the instructions. Caused by use of an unsuitable, non microporous. Treatment is also excluded from the guarantee. Water Treatment and maintaining water quality. Once your pool has been filled with water, the water.

Will tend to become dirty and the water quality. Will deteriorate because of pollution introduced.

By bathers bodily secretions, but also twigs, grass. Stuck to their feet or their skin, as.

Well as contaminants deposited by the wind leaves. The pool water should be replaced regularly. Frequency of renewal will depend on the water. Temperature, the bather load, the length of the daily.

Filtration cycle and the extent of use of pool chemicals. Filtration slows the natural deterioration of water.

By trapping tiny solid contaminant particles from. A few millimetres down to tens of microns. The length of time that filtration should be run each. Day will mainly depend on the level of water pollution. And on the water temperature.

Periods of daily use, the following minimum filtration. Recommendations will vary depending on the pool water temperature. Water temperature of 30° C. These recommendations have been established for. The original filtration system that comes with your.

Pistoche pool; for safety reasons we strongly advise. Against adapting any other filtration system to your. IMPORTANT: the cartridge equipping the filter is. Not compatible with the use of flocculants liquid. Chemicals formulated to remove the tiny particles. Suspended in the water that would not otherwise be. However, filtration alone will not completely. Eliminate the health risks posed by the growth of. To keep water clean for as long as. Possible and reduce the frequency of water renewal. The water will need to be treated with chemicals. Check and clean the filtration cartridge.

At least once a week while Pistoche is in. Drain the filter and store it and the power supply. Roll the cover out over the pool. Geographical zone in which the pool is located.

Experiences sub-zero temperatures over winter. Is important to prevent ice from exerting pressure. Take 5, empty, 1.5 litre plastic bottles. Weight them with a little gravel or sand and cap.

Tie them together with string to create a chain. Tie each end bottle to a stone using a string. Place the stones on the pool floor centred at the. Base of two opposite walls.

The empty bottles will float on the surface of the. If temperatures drop below zero and ice forms. On the surface, the bottles will absorb the expansion.

Of ice instead of the pool structure. Pistoche Wooden Pool Installation Manual 2017. Pistoche Wooden Pool Installation Manual 2021. Pistoche Wooden Above Ground Pool Brochure. For more information on the Pistoche, please see the dedicated Pistoche web site at. For more information, also see our FAQs page.

Customer Photo Gallery and reviews. The parts arrived a few days ago pool all sorted by workman and correct.

Thank you very much for sorting this whole thing out without any problems. I believe that there can be problems within any company, mistakes are made and things sometimes go wrong.

It is how the staff sort out the issue that shows the measure of a company. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends up here in Norfolk and down in Essex, the product is brilliant and the service excellent. Pistoche pool with Hot Splash heat pump, supplied by The Wooden Pool Store.

Pistoche Wooden Pool Fitted with additional lights supplied by the customer not included with. Installed on a roof top in Crete. (excludes Scotland and some UK postcodes). Please message us for a quotation to deliver to other countries. HeatPumps4Pools are the leading UK based specialist supplier of heat pumps and related pool products.

Operating from Basildon in Essex in the UK, we are the leading specialist supplier of swimming pool heat pumps to the UK and Europe. We have a wide range of the best swimming pool heat pumps to suit any pool size and type.

We are always happy to offer free friendly advice on the best heating solution for your pool. This item is in the category "Garden & Patio\Swimming Pools, Saunas & Hot Tubs\Swimming Pools\Above-Ground Pools". The seller is "heatpumps4pools" and is located in this country: GB.

This item can be shipped worldwide.

Pistoche Wooden Pool 2m x 2m with Built In Safety Cover Above Ground Swimmi