Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m Above or In Ground Swimming Pool Packages Including

Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m Above or In Ground Swimming Pool Packages Including

Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m Above or In Ground Swimming Pool Packages Including

Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m Above or In Ground Swimming Pool Packages Including options to add a Counter Current and Upgrade Filtration. Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m for In-ground or Above Ground Use - with an option to upgrade the filtration and add a Counter Current unit. The Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m internally are compact, quick-build and affordable swimming pools designed to maximise your outdoor space. We also supply a range of optional extras to choose from and upgrades are available on most components including heating, lighting etc. This Nazca Wooden Pool can be installed either above the ground, requiring minimal ground work or in-ground providing an easy installation and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home and exercise routines.

Whatever the size or shape of your garden, there's a pool for you. Wooden pools have transformed the luxury of owning a pool into an affordable treat for your family.

The attractive wooden structure has a 10 year guarantee. Each wooden pool package includes everything you need to start your new lifestyle - including filtration kit and ladders. Handmade in Britain by a highly experienced team to get the best performance. The liners have a protective lacquer coating and all products are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards. The walls of the pool are precision cut from pressure-treated redwood. This treatment preserves it against decay, fungal and insect attack. Please note all Thermo wooden pools are made to order and are currently on an approx 3-4 week lead time. Please see below for further information.

We have listed what we regard as essential components and optional extras. Options: The Nazca Wooden pool 2m x 4m pool can become an exercise pool too with the addition of a counter current system, the 2 x 8m Lap Pool is ideal for the more serious swimmers and the 4 x 8m pool perfect for families. We offer this pool with the through the wall Counter Current which allows you to swim without turning, the whole for the counter current will be pre-cut for you in this pool if ordered with the pool as a package. SwimMaster Through the wall Counter Current.

Alternatively you could have an overboard counter current that sits over the side of the pool. Badu Jet Outboard Counter Swim Units. We also offer different liners to personalise this pool to your liking, and give you the added option to upgrade the filtration system. Removable Internal Stainless Steel ladder.

Complete Self-build Kit - Simple to install. Typically a two day build. Equipment Included with the Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m. Nazca 2m x 4m Wooden Pool Structure. 0.75mm/30 thou Liner (plain Colour comes as standard) Please see the upgrade options on section 5.

43mm internal 316 Stainless Steel Ladder. Grade 1 Glass Filter Media.

White Goods - Essential Plumbing kit. Relax Above Ground Splasher Chemical Starter Kit. Plain Liner Colours (this is included with the pool package price). With this range of wooden pools we offer upgraded liner choices. Plain liner in a choice of colours as in section 4 above with a Tileband as per the options below (this is available as an upgrade, please see the top options for the price difference). You could also choose to upgrade to an all over Patterned liner Options (this is available as an upgrade, please see the top options for the price difference). Upgraded pump and Filter Option - Argonaut Pump with Endurnace Filter. Lighting - White LED or Colour Change LED both come complete with necessary controllers, transformers and deck kits. Simply select which option you would like from the checklist above. Deck Box, conduit & wall fitting. 1 x Mini Brio Plus LED 6w 700 lumen White Underwater Light or 1 x Mini Brio Plus LED 7w 450 lumen Red, Green and Blue Underwater Light. Winter Debris Mesh or Tarpaulin Covers made to order for Wooden Pool's. As these covers are a special order item and are made to order. SwimMaster Through the wall Counter Current Option. It also includes additional plumbing to install the counter current unit. Pool Cleaners (Robotic or Suction Cleaners). Heat pump Winter Cover - Made to size. The Poolsaver is a high quality, low priced manual safety cover that offers great protection for children and animals and against leaves and other debris.

Its tough construction ensures it will safely support up to 100kg. Innovative design features: Protruding leading bar to ensure ease of use, with extra wear strips fitted to underside to prolong the system's life. Motorisation option: Can also be fitted to assist winding on and off the pool at the touch of a button.

Versatile: Extremely adaptable - suits most pool types including above ground wooden pools. Four colour options: Available in blue, pastel green, green or beige. The high quality stainless ratchet straps help achieve almost effortless tension of the Poolsaver across the pool. If you are looking to heat your pool, you have the choice of two options. With either of these options we are taking into account that you have the use of a solar cover and use it for approx 20 hours a day as this will stop heat loss and give you free solar gain from the suns rays.

If you do not use a solar cover on the surface of the water then you need to increase your heating source by 2.5 times. This pool has 10m3 of water so if you are looking to heat it you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim.

You will achieve 1 Kw of heat output into the water for every 1 Kw of power used from your supply. So works out a lot more expensive to run than the Heat pump option. 4.5Kw Elecro Evolution Electric Pool Heater, (Must be kept Indoors or in Plant Housing).

2/ If you are looking to use a Heat Pump to keep the running cost down then you have to decide which months of the year you want to swim. Extended Season (Apr - Oct).

Once you have decided this you can than look to see which heat pump is the best one for you. Now this will vary depending on the pool's location in the country as the outside air temperature is drastically different in Scotland from Cornwall's air temperatures (taking into account the worst temperatures at night and the coldest parts of the period you choose). We can help size the correct unit for you to ensure you achieve the desired water temperature (normal temp for this pool is 28 degrees, and it should not be heated over 30 degrees as this reduces the life span of the liner).

As a rough guide for this pool we have added some options at the top of this listing for you, but here is a explanation to the season to expect from each. Please bear in mind that you can never over size a heat pump but the results of under sizing it will mean you will not have the water temperature you require for the period you want.

In addition to this, if you are further up North please increase the size of your heat pump to compensate for the colder outside air temperatures. Summer use options (May - Sep). Thermotec Neo Inverter 5.4kw. Extended Season options (Apr - Oct).

Thermotec Neo Inverter 18.4kw. Thermotec Inverter Pro with WiFi 17kw.

Please read and follow all instructions supplied with the pool & all equipment. This wooden pool can be installed either above the ground, requiring minimal ground work, or in-ground providing an easy installation and aesthetically pleasing addition to your home leisure and exercise routines. A qualified electrician should be used to run the power supply to the pool and to make the necessary connections. It is recommended that the filtration equipment unless housed in a Wooden Pool filtration Enclosure is at least 3.5m from the pool and must be connected to a suitable weatherproof RCD-protected socket outlet.

The pipework kit included with the filtration kit should be sufficient to achieve this. If you are planing to install the flow equipment further away more pipework may be needed.

Also a Bypass system may be needed for installing a heater which is also available. A smooth concrete slab is the best base for a wooden pool. Speak to a trusted local builder for advice on your specific placement area. Failure to set up the pool flat and on compact level ground could result in the pool's collapse or injury to users. The pool can be assembled by most competent DIY installers, or the customer can choose to use a local carpenter or handy-man to assemble the pool.

However we do have some engineers across the country that we may be able to recommend, please give us your full address for us to take a look for a recommendations for you in your area. You can fit it above ground, below ground or partially in-ground - whatever suits your needs. You can choose to fit the wooden pool yourself or have a local expert do some or all of it for you, the choice is yours. We would recommend that you are reasonably experienced at self-build if you intend to install it yourself. We recommend that filtration is turned OFF when the pool is in operation.

Deliveries of these pools is free to a lot of mainland England postcodes - please see the map below. However there are charges apply as follows. All our premium, ECO and NAZCA pools will be delivered on a hi-ab. Please inform us in advance if your property has restricted access for large vehicles.

When the lorry arrives at your property the driver will unload onto your drive using a Hiab vehicle. 10 years on the structure of these wooden pools.

1 year on the Top Deck. 1 year on the Pump & Filter.

Nazca Manual 4m x 2m. For more information, also see our FAQs page. (excludes Scotland and some UK postcodes). Please message us for a quotation to deliver to other countries.

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Nazca Wooden Pool 2m x 4m Above or In Ground Swimming Pool Packages Including